Marvellous Mexican market food


80 Wardour Street

Wahaca also falls into the tapas style restaurant where the best option by far is buying several of the smaller dishes, or the sharing meal, and trying lots of different things. The restaurant is unusually big for Soho, with a relaxed, colourfaul vibe. The staff are friendly and young, and the service is quick and without fuss although they are very inflexible about picking and choosing what you want on the sharing menu [fair enough].


This is a selection of their favourities for two people to share. To be honest, girls, it is ok for three if you add some nachos and guacamole. You get pork pibil tacos, borad bean quesadilla, chicken tinga tacos, black bean tostaas, potto taquitos and wahaca slaw. Let me just say, that the slaw is DELISH. It is not creamy and kind of gross out [don’t get me wrong, I do love a good slaw but sometimes it can be truly revolting]. Fresh and light, it is the perfect compliment to what is otherwise a pretty carb-heavy meal. Although a lot of the dishes do vaguely resemble each other, they are all delicious and I defy anyone to not enjoy food which is slathered in sour cream, mushy avocado and cheese. Just don’t believe it is possible to not enjoy it.


So delicious. SO delicious. Just go for it, treat yourself. You deserve it.


I am not really a desert person, but this is a great way to round off the meal. Presented in a fat shot glass, this is basically spicy melted chocolate with a kick.

VERDICT – Definitely worth a visit. Not necessarily for a special occasion, this is a restaurant to be indulged in on a relatively informal [and regular] basis. Easy, quick and reasonably priced. Wahaca is just one of those places that works. Plus, there is always new stuff to try.

SURROUNDINGS – Really colourful, imaginative and upbeat surroundings based on favela’s.


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One thought on “WAHACA

  1. Eva says:

    It’s all about sweet peanut char sui buns from the street market stalls in Chinatown. £1.50 each. Two can fill you up. Deeeeeelishuss.

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