UPDATE – Bistro du Vin is now closed!!! Soon to be replaced with Burger and Lobster…..


Super stylish French fare

36 Dean Street



Very stylish French fare, this is the place to go for sharing platters of meats and cheeses – it has its own refrigerated meat room for gawds sake! I don’t actually remember what I ate, but ingrained in my memory are the perfect little slithers of cheeses presented on a lovely wooden board with delicious bread and that snazzy butter which has salt bits in it – a real indulgence.

VERDICT – definitely worth a visit, the menu is a solid selection of france fare, but the meat and cheese platters are really great nibbles over a glass of good red, of which it has an abundance.

SURROUNDINGS – All duck egg blue and grey-beige-whites, Bistro du Vin is elegant and very chic. More spacious inside than it looks from the outside so definately worth popping in and taking a look.


Bistro du Vin on Urbanspoon

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2 thoughts on “BISTRO DU VIN

  1. Hasn’t Bistro du Vin been sold recently to Burger & Lobster?

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