not-quite-gourmet giraffe

11 Frith Street



Headed to Giraffe Bar & Grill to enjoy the sunshine and some filling food. I got the steak and chips. At £7.95 on the lunch menu, this is a real steal – the meat was very tasty as was the sauce. Unfortunately, the chips were clunky and undercooked, chalky and tasteless in the middle which was a real shame as it let it all down for me. If you can’t get chips right …

Will, from The Food Sluts, had the fish cake. Here is what he had to say about his meal;

There is a small 3 course prix fixe menu for lunch. We opted simply for a main course each and to share a dessert. I ordered a salmon fishcake. Inside a crunchy shell was a creamy mixture of potato, salmon and herbs. Unfortunately, this big portion was a little light on fish and heavy of potato – it was as if I was eating breaded mashed potato. Served with a sharp but buttery tartare sauce, a hefty slice of fresh lemon and a handful of bitter arugula.

Overall, not gourmet but, at £7.95, pretty good for the price.

For dessert we got the chocolate bread and butter pudding with a pot of custard on the side. This was surprisingly tasty considering it looked like a school dessert, gloopy and so very square. Tasty though, which is, at the end of the day, all that counts!

VERDICT – A good meal if you are looking to fill up for relatively cheap, though this is definitely not a destination restaurant.

SURROUNDINGS – A nicely done chain, but chain it is which does lead to quite a severe loss of character. It was really pleasant to sit outside though.


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