trashy, gruesome, brash burgers

74 Welbeck Street



The food zeitgeist moves so fast these days that I feel a bit passé writing about burgers, considering the new trend that has people waiting 3 hours is now gourmet hot dogs [slightly oxymoronic, no?].
MeatLiquor took London by storm with their obnoxious burgers and extensive liquor list. The decor and music screams heart attack, and the food is so in-your-face unhealthy that you can do nothing but surrender to the grisly melted cheese and sloppy meat. This is not a place for vegetarians. But there is no doubt that these really are delicious burgers. Chunky meat, the usual pickles and wilted lettice [?] with a good solid bun. I am not a burger connoisseur, so there is not much more I can say on the matter, other than they were better than maccy d’s. The chips were amazing – like those served at the golden arches but slathered in strips of rump steak, melted cheese, mushroom and meat juice. So delicious. Worth waiting for in the queue in the rain? I’m not so sure…

VERDICT – I felt a bit bad going to Meat Liquor without a boy, it is so male. I would go back only without waiting to get in – there are so many great burger joints now that it feels foolish to wait for the same one once you have tried it. Definately worth a visit though if you haven’t been.

SURROUNDINGS – the picture above is pretty evocative of the interior. I didn’t really get the fake blood streamed plastic curtains a la abattoir…  a bit much and frankly just plain ugly. Not a fan.

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