unpretentious honest burgers…


4a Meard Street


Beginning as a pop up in Brixton, Honest Burgers recently opened up shop in Soho on one of my favourite little streets. Light, airy and fresh, this is a really lovely space to eat a hearty lunch. The menu is simple – chicken, beef or veggie option, all of which come with a side of rosemary-salt-sprinkled fries. The veggie option was like a fried patty in a burger bun which, together was a bit much. Just too much yellow-beige on one plate for my liking…

The honest burger has cheese, onion relish and bacon in it and tastes delicious. The bun is sweet and fluffy and the extra’s have been added carefully so they dont splurge out after the first bite. The bun fits over the patty nicely which means you do not have to sacrifice your dignity to consume the thing.  I am hell bent on tracking down some rosemary salt after enjoying the fries – what a delicious invention!


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