…slick and sophisticated Italian lunch food

135 Wardour Street



Princi was started by Milanese baker Rocco Princi, and has established itself as a destination eaterie due to its delicious baked goods and tasty lunch menu. There are more Princis in Milan, which lends an authentic italian air to this snazzy joint. For lunch I had the salad selection with two choices – the roasted aubergines with herbs and the pesto pasta salad. At £4.20, this was quite expensive for a small plate of food, but it was completely delicious and fortunately I wasn’t insanely hungry. There are also hot options; pasta, meatballs, lasagna, pizza, sandwiches.

Despite being known for its bread and patisserie selection, and the mouth-watering appearance of their cakes, I was unfortunately quite disappointed with the Tiramisu [usually one of my favourites]. The cream was heavy and a very thin and there was only one quite soggy bottom layer of coffee base. Not very good at all.

VERDICT; There is no doubt that you will have a good meal here. However,I would really appreciate it if it were slightly more affordable/generous. Eg – might be nice to get a little bit of ciabatta with your salad, or the option for a desert at a reduced price. It really is quite expensive for what it is.

SURROUNDINGS; Very slick and style savvy,  personally I prefer a bit more character and space but the hustle and bustle is definaltey very urban/european.


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