…perfect poultry

79 Highgate Road



The Soho House Group have opened a new concept restaurant which serves one thing and one thing only – chicken. Not ordinary chicken mind, this is [cue M&S sexy advert voice] free range super succulent mouth wateringly juicy rotisserie, soho style. Cooked on a rotating spit in a delicious sauce, the chickens come either in quarters, halves or whole. They are full of flavour, incredibly juicy and lip smackingly good.


We had the smoky sauce and it was freaking awesome – I would have welcomed a dipping bowl for my crinkly chips. The slaw was really crunchy, flavoursome and fresh enough to provide a welcome respite to the heavier parts of the meal. The corn on the cob was to die for [they even POURED molten butter over it – I mean…]. The side salad was dressed in a mustard dressing which I wasn’t so keen on as it used a chunky mustard rather than a more light dijon and white wine vinaigrette, which I personally thought would have gone better.

We had both deserts – brownie and apple pie. Both taste sensations, served with a friendly little ball of vanilla ice cream. The apple pie was served from the baking tray which I thought was a nice homely touch.


VERDICT – 100% without a doubt worth a visit, unless, of course, you are a V. But otherwise – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like chicken, and this chicken is extra special yummy. Win.

SURROUNDINGS – set in the basement of the Pizza East in Kentish town, the style of chicken shop is in keeping with the price range and up beat nature of the food and staff. An open plan restaurant, with the spittling chickens on display as they rotate their ways towards super succulent-ness – your mouth is watering before you even walk in the door.


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