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69 – 71 Dean Street



Dean Street Townhouse is one of those classy joints which are all low lighting and plush furnishings. Dead posh, like. The food is very british and uppa class, with seasonal dishes cooked to perfection. Part of the Soho House Group, this restaurant and hotel has long been a favourite of soho-dwellers, and though it is a bit pricier than other joints, the food and drink is of a really high standard.


We had;

Haddock Souffle

So good. Just get it and stop fussing.

Prawn & crab chicory leaf salad

Really delicious and salty, this fresh salad is packed full of sweet crab meat, succulent prawns and bitter chicory. It works really well with the simple drizzle of lemon and salt on top and is a really delicious starter or side dish.

Winter salad of lentils, beetroot and wood pigeon

This was a really good seasonal salad, and the sweetness of the beetroot went really well with the gamey pigeon and woody lentils. Absolutely delish and very weather appropriate!

Sea bream with Jerusalem artichokes

The sea bream was cooked perfectly, with a really crunchy skin. The Jerusalem artichokes went really well with the flavour of the fish and lent a bit of depth and heaviness to the light white meat.

Chocolate and salted caramel pot

So unfortunately this is not there anymore, but it was unbelievably good and manageable in terms of heaviness.

Burnt cream

This is a creme brulee people, let’s not get confused. It tastes great but be warned – it is HUMUNGOUS. Big enough for two, even maybe three.


VERDICT – a top notch joint, with delicious food and wine. A real perk is the hot loaf of fresh bread that lands on your table with deliciously rich butter – a good representative of how the meal will go on. Definately worth a visit.

SURROUNDINGS – I personally find the lighting a bit too low, but otherwise it is very cosy and warm with lots of velvet and wood. The perfect dinner time resto, not sure I would be so keen during summer months though.


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