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196/198 Great Portland Street



Demartino is one of those great italian treasures that just couldn’t have been created by anyone other than an Italian. Sorry but Jamie’s Italian just doesn’t work because there is no italian flair, no italian soul to the place. The charismatic Beppe does the rounds like a proper front of house should, and ensures that food is delivered without delay and in perfect condition. The food really does speak for itself – absolutely delicious and packed with flavour, this is italian food at its best. With the accent.

We had;

This classical dish of baked aubergine with tomato and melted mozarella is always a taste sensation but this was an especially good one. Perfectly soft aubergine slathered with a lip smackingly good tomatoe sauce and delicious creamy mozarella. So good. Party in your mouth.

A fresh relief to the heavier sides, these deliciously steamed aspargus were covered with butter and parmesan and were delightful.


My little sister reported that these were the best she ever had. Nuff said.

ZUCCHINI FRITTI [don’t remember]

Packed with flavour and juicy to the extreme, these crispy delights are a must and a surprising amount of people have never tried them. Strips of courgette deep fried in a light batter, they are like sexy french fries.


Linguine & Lobster. Lobster & Linguine. It is like a dance of delight, going round and round in your mouth. A joy.


VERDICT – definaltey worth a visit, this is slightly more expensive but the pricing is representative of the great service, great ingredients and great cooking. So, worth it really, right?

SURROUNDINGS – with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, the restaurant has old family photos on the walls which really does contribute to its friendly and informal feel. The radio was playing some weird music when we were there but you could hardly hear it over the raptures of delight coming from people as they stuffed their faces.

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