…nutritional nourishment in new york

10 east 60th st

NY 10022

I couldn’t completely work out what the twist was with Rouge Tomate. Slick interiors accented with a great shade of [surprise] tomato red, the menu is seasonal and all locally sourced, and they have a strong nutritional emphasis which is based on a charter called SPE [Sanites Per Escam = Health Through Food]. Chefs and dieticians collaborate on the dishes which does reflect on what you get on the plate – clean, thoughtful and beautifully presented plates of food that leave you full but not bloated. A success, for sure.

We had a really amazing Hawaiian Walu ceviche which was so amazingly light you could hardly believe you had eaten anything at all. Teamed with a happy little selection of herbs, fruit and other crunchy little delights, this was like what you imagine god eats sitting at the pearly gates dressed all in white. Tasted like health. Nom. We also had the house made [square] falafel, which were unfortunately not so great. Firstly, it is just unnecessary to make falafel square, the crust was not crusty enough and it was too heavily spiced, which meant the flavour of the chickpeas was completely hidden. I really wasn’t a fan, although the raita that came with it was delish. We also enjoyed a kale salad to start, which was served with walnuts, fennel and I want to say raisins.  At the moment in New York, you will be hard pushed to find any menu which does not have Kale on the menu. It is the leaf du jour, so trendy it hurts. This kale salad was lovely though with a light zingy citrus dressing, I wasn’t a fan of the little bursts of sweet fruit but others enjoyed it.


Dreamy –


For my main I had the duck, which was exquisitely cooked. Absolutely divine meat, however it was paired with caramelised carrots, banana and some kind of sweet lentil mush that was NAT good to say the least. I get the whole duck a l’orange thing, but this was massively overkill. The poor meat was fighting a losing battle against all the sugar on the plate.


For desert we had the Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache with cubes of basil jelly, greek yogurt and the little tear drop bits of a grapefruit mingling with tiny pieces of candied ginger. I do not know what the individual little segments of grapefruits are called, but the fact that they are so minuscule and burst in your mouth when eaten individually made this dish really quite impressive. I wasn’t a mad fan for the basil jelly cubes, although others were. The candied ginger and grapefruit were, as mentioned previously, yummy.


VERDICT – All in all this was interesting meal, with a couple of astoundingly delicious parts. My main disappointed as I didn’t think the flavours were well balanced at all, but the cooking of the meat was sublime and the ceviche was seriously out of this world. The menu changes a lot but apparently they keep that ceviche on as a constant, and by god I can see why!

SURROUNDINGS – Snazzy and slinky, this is not my preferred style of restaurant but it definaltey had a strong colour scheme going on and our table was extremely spacious – almost too much so.


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