…tasty turkish delights

265 Upper Street

N1 2UQ

I stumbled upon this little…gem, the other night whilst exploring my brand spanking new neighbourhood of Islington – expect more posts based in N1!  Upper street is peppered with great eateries, all of which I am eager to try out. We stumbled upon this turkish and kurdish joint as it really is right round the corner from my new yard. From the outside, Gem looks cosy and stylish and this doesn’t change once inside the door. There is a bread making counter in the window which definately works to draw you in, and the staff are all really friendly and laid back. We had the following;

BAKLA £3.50

Broad beans covered in delicious herbs, finely chopped peppers and zingy lemon juice and olive oil, all served on a bed of fresh yogurt. Delicious, light and flavourful.


A personal favourite, the good old feta & spinach pastry – never fails and always delicious, this was no exception, especially as the cheese was completely and utterly molten. NOM!

KOFTE £4.95

These traditional meatballs were just lovely. Served with a fresh tomato sauce and paired with some yogurt they were a veritable meat treat. The lamb was finely minced and they were chargrilled which lent a nice smokiness to the flavour.


Stuffed aubergine served with rice and salad. This dish was really good but actually my least favourite. I found the aubergine ever so slightly too sweet, almost definately due to the raisons within, but this is definately a personal preference as I have a thing about raisins in food [never works!]. But it was perfectly cooked, as was the rice which was also great.

We were also treated to a complimentary desert which was some kind of syrup soaked biscuit with vanilla ice cream…can’t complain about that now, can I?

VERDICT – I am delighted that this is a local, and will without doubt be going back for more very soon. Affordable and delicious, Gem is a great little place for a cosy and relaxed dinner.

SURROUNDINGS – I really liked the ambiance of the restaurant, the decore had enough going on that it felt like a homely turkish village kitchen! Terracotta walls and wooden furniture created lovely warm tones and a healthy buzz.


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