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25a Warren Street



Run by husband and wife duo Sarit & Itamar, the much applauded Honey & Co promised tantalising Middle Eastern delights. I so wanted to love Honey & Co, I really do. It ticked all the boxes and the website is utterly charming, so I am somewhat crestfallen to report that expectations were, unfortunately, not quite met.

The restaurant is nestled on Warren Street, a 10 minute walk from the hullaballoo of Soho’s busy streets. Stylish and refined, without a doubt,  the shelves of homemade granola and jarred goodies only lent itself to the feeling that this was going to indeed be a real treat.

The first hiccup must have been due to some clueless expression on our faces, as our rather patronising little waitress felt the need to explain how to use a menu – “you can either order two starters, or, like, a starter and a main, or I guess if you weren’t that hungry just a main!”. Maybe this is me bring grouchy, but I don’t like feeling like I am back in kindergarden when out for dinner.

So that wasn’t great, but a certain style of service which was in no way a deal breaker. We then decided to get the set menu, which, at £26.50 wasn’t a snip but sounded fair and, more importantly, delicious. A meze with a whole host of delectable sounding treats, followed by a main of your choice. Nice. Upon ordering, we were informed that you could only order the set menu for the whole table – there was no choice of one having it and not the other. I found it disappointing that there was no independant meze option, as this is what they seem famous for and I wasn’t hungry enough for a meze and a main on my own.

On we ordered – the spring salad, hoummous, lamb chops and chicken skewers. Our spring salad was delicious; a delightful selection of light vegetables with an amazing piece of cheese which was like the beautiful love child of halloumi and feta. YUM. While this really was 10/10, the hoummous was lacking in seasoning, too smooth and heavy on the tahini which I personally don’t like. The clanger was that the pitta breads tasted like they had just been defrosted. And the wine was not especially light, as described on the menu. Things had started to go downhill.


All was not lost, however. The lamb shanks were perfectly cooked, with a delicious accomaniement of grain, fresh tomatoes and a creamy sauce [the contents or name of which I am not certain]. The chicken skewers were average – the actual chicken was perfectly tasty, but the salad was dominated by raisons and mint leaves , with no sauce, was quite unpleasant to eat.


VERDICT – I quite want to go back and give H&C another go, as I feel like I caught it on a bad day. The food was pretty good, but did not live up to the hype, and I found the menu a bit limited. I was really shocked by the crappy pitta which is the last thing you expect from a restaurant of this quality, but this is one you should definately see for yourself.

SURROUNDINGS – The design of the place is lovely, I can’t fault it at all. Gorgeous tiled floor, the toilet is especially adorable and really makes you feel like you are not in London at all which is nice. Think potted plants and funky tiles.


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