12-16 Artillery Passage


E1 7LS


The breakfast club was at an immediate disadvantage considering it’s lack of exterior space. Arriving  in the sun, the general rule I like to go by is if one can eat alfresco, one should eat al fresco. The restaurant also had a nasty coffee/damp smell to it which was also quite unappealing, but this might have been highlighted by my reluctance to enter in the first place.


Our brunch, however, was delicious. I had the huevos rancheros which, for the ignorant among you [I had no idea what it was either] consists of  fried eggs, tortilla with melted cheddar, refried beans, chorizo, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. It was, unsurprisingly, super tasty apart from the chorizo which I found to be a bit much – very thick and over bearing. I would have preferred little lardons of chorizo, but that might be personal preference.


The side fruit salad was also a delightful addition to the meal, and had a great combination of snazzy fruit with none of the crappy ones [see ya later apple/pear/banana in my fruit salad – none of that crap with this one].


I also indulged in a very refreshing and hydrating ice tea. Nom.

I think the breakfast club would be the perfect brunch spot for a cold and rainy day. They havn’t quite got the whole brunch-in-the-sun thing down, but who can blame a restaurant for not prepping for heatwaves when they come once a decade and last two months – no biggie.

VERDICT – Definately worth a visit, not too spenny.

SURROUNDINGS – The furnishings were alright – very ‘shoreditch’.


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