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Hix Soho_web

Hix has long been on my hit list for its popular British themed menu so I was looking forward to my meal here immensely. Fortunately, I was not disappointed – both with the quality of the food and the service – and am now hoping to sample the delights of Tramshed et al soon.

It was a family trip to the theatre, so this wasn’t to be a drawn out affair. Added to that, I was in the company of my impatient and incredibly fussy father, so… tough crowd. But Hix came out on top! The ‘best burger ever’ [let’s not get into that ] was consumed by the happy parents;


Sister and I indulged in some lean, mean and super …delicious hanger steak, which arrived with a lovely basil dipping sauce whose fresh tang complimented the rich meat perfectly. It also arrived with baked bone marrow. Now I am a huge fan of ossobuco, so I figured this would go down well. Unfortunately, they had murdered the gelatinous pzazz of bone marrow by not only baking it but also mixing it with a shit tonne of crumbs! Whaaaa?!?! Very bizzarro, not in a good way. But the chips almost beat McDonald’s, which is really saying something in my book. And the asparagus were  perfectly cooked. Brother happily destroyed the rib eye;


Unfortunately we weren’t able to sample the sweets due to time pressures, but it is safe to assume that they would have been satisfactory. And anyway, everyone knows its the meat that really matters…

VERDICT – Definately worth the visit. Not cheap as chips but reasonable considering the obvious quality of the ingredients, knowledge and charm of the staff and skills of the kitchen. Bo!

[Little NB – I think the hix website is really shit and dated, so if anyone reads this that might have some control over that… might be time to bring things to 2013 and leave the swirly poncey font to the french?]

SURROUNDINGS – Some great light fixtures and lots of colour – it’s got a buzz on for sure.


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